International Conference on Wireless Technologies, Networks and Science-2024 (Hybrid Mode): (May 11-12, 2024)

ICWTNS-2024 is the second series of ICWTNS-2022, organizing by National University Mayor de San Marcos, Peruand AAIR Lab, India
International Conference on Wireless Technologies, Networks and Science -2024 "(ICWTNS-2024)is an International platform/ forum for researchers to exchange information regarding novel aspects of technology, application and service development within the multidisciplinary framework of Communication Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks and Multimedia Networks, Science such as biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer, environment, geology, and many more.
The aims and objective of the ICWTNS-2024 Conference are to:
  • The ICWTNS-2024 aims to facilitate a creative environment for the promotion of collaboration and knowledge transfer.
  • Develop practical solutions for creating widespread benefits & value for society thereby, enhancing the reputation of electronics, wireless, computer science, communication, information technology, and science area's research as a source of wellbeing& prosperity.
  • Solicit applications from researchers/scholars to submit their research papers related to the latest technology used extensively in future research.
  • Propose techniques/methods that could explore a unique disciplinary approach to Communication Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks, Multimedia Networks, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer, environment, geology, and many more engineering and science related challenges that are high risk but have a considerable payoff and also develop data leading to significant future technology.


AAIR Lab, India

Advanced and Innovative Research Laboratory (AAIR Lab) is a research and development (R&D), training, product, and service-based Indian company. The company focus on the enrichment of quality and knowledge to the newcomer's graduates (B.Tech./B.E./etc.), postgraduates (M.Tech./M.E./etc.), and researchers. The Company also works on the project, and thesis consultancy or supervision, report writing, thesis writing, research paper publication, and conference management. The development division of AAIR Lab designs and deploys the latest technological software and electronic system level products and solutions for customers around the world in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Computer Science and Engineering.

National University Mayor de San Marcos, Peru

The Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos ( UNMSM ) is a public university located in the city of Lima , Peru . It is considered the most important, recognized and representative educational institution at the national level. It is the first university in Peru and South America, as well as the first university to be officially founded by Real Provisión and authorized by Royal Cédula in the Americas, in addition to being the longest time in uninterrupted operation since its founding on the continent, which is why it is referred to as the oldest university in America and appears in official documents and publications as "University of Peru, Dean of America".